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Family Brewery History

The brewing of Crombacher beer is in the bloodline of the Grundmann’s. In 1896, Otto Eberhardt, the great-great-grandfather of Spencer Grundmann, purchased a brewery he then named Hasbrauerei Eberhardt & Co. Otto ran the brewery as a limited partnership until he converted it to a corporation in 1905. At the beginning of the 20th Century, “Crombacher Pilsener” was first introduced. Otto would go on to sell the company to the Schadeberg family, who still own the brewery today known as Krombacher, the 2nd largest brewery in Germany.

Crombacher Brewery USA

Crombacher Brewery USA (CBUSA) is Nevada’s first visitor’s information center for Reno/Tahoe craft breweries. As Reno/Tahoe’s visitor’s information center for craft breweries, CBUSA will be an advocate and place for people to learn about Reno/Tahoe’s rising craft beer scene.

CBUSA has just launched its first capacity with a mobile beer trailer. We only sell and promote local craft beer and act as a visitor’s information center for the local breweries. Our goal is to move our bar into the Reno/Tahoe International airport and spread the word of the great craft beer we get to enjoy day-in and day-out with visitor’s of our wonderful place to live.

CBUSA will donate 100% of profits back to the local organizations we partner with. (Check out our partners page for who we are working with now.) Everyone who works with CBUSA will also be a part of all donations. We partner with 3 local non-profit organizations and 4-6 breweries each quarter.

Contact us to book your next event and give back to the community.